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Treatment Protocol

What to expect at the first consultation
A doctor needs some specific information from the patients to help him in diagnosing the problem. Only then will the doctor be able to tailor the treatment to suit that particular patient. We can reassure our patients that all information recorded, will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone (even close family), without the patient's consent. We endeavor to ensure maximum privacy during the consultations.

During the first consultation:
  • The doctor will take a history from the patient. This includes name, age, occupation, any past medical problems, drug allergies, any serious illnesses in the family, medications being taken in the past or present etc. A detailed discussion about the current sexual concerns, will involve both physical and psychological problems. In case of married couples, in would be beneficial to interview each of them separately first and then have a discussion together, but this can be tailored to the couple's wishes. This information if very important for the doctor to help him to diagnose the problem. So the patient's are encouraged to be honest and forthcoming with their concerns.
  • The patient will then have a physical examination by the doctor to look for any general problems that might need attention. Women are always examined in the presence of their spouse or a female attendant. The woman can be referred to a female doctor for examination if requested.
  • The next step would be planning investigations which include blood tests (to look for general wellbeing, hormonal imbalances etc.) and imaging like ultrasound examination.
  • The doctor will explain any findings to the patient and if any treatment is indicated, that will be started straight away.

Once all the results are available, which is usually in the next visit, they will be explained to the patient and a treatment plan made and started. Patients are reviewed periodically to ensure treatment is helping and for making changes if needed.

If it is thought that the patient or couple would benefit from sexual counseling, an appointment for that would be given at as mutually convenient time.

As with any other condition, full faith and cooperation of the patient is important for the treatment to work. Please feel free to ask questions from your doctor to ensure that you fully understand your problem and the treatment strategy. Remember, you and your doctor need to work in partnership to help reap the most benefit.

The doctor will always try to manage your problems in good faith and to the best of his ability, but as sexual relationship is dependent on complex and multifactorial conditions, no guarantee can be taken for resolving these issues.

We wish all our patients a very happy and satisfying relationship with your spouse / partner, which is so essential for general wellbeing and happiness.