Labiaplasty is the most commonly done vaginal rejuvenation procedure and is the surgery done to reduce the length of the labia minora (the inner lips of the vagina).


A large labia minora is sometimes associated with discomfort the women may experience from twisting and tugging of the labia.The aim of the procedure is to reduce the size of the labia minora so that they does not hang below the hair-bearing labia majora. A labiaplasty may also be performed to correct the asymmetry of the labia minora, when one side is bigger than the other, or, more commonly, to reduce the length of both labia so that it does not twist, tug or fall out of a swimming suit. This surgery may be done to make the appearance of the labia more aesthetically pleasing and some women feel it improves penetration. Large labia minora can also cause discomfort with tight under clothes or during sport and surgery can help to improve this.

This delicate surgery should only be done by an experienced surgeon so as to prevent complications like scar contractures forming around the labia.